For God’s Glory Christian Band reminds us that The Joy of the Lord is our Strength!

Band: For God’s Glory Christian Band
Song: “Praise Him Today”
From the Album: Love Worthy of Praise

For God’s Glory Christian Band’s song “Praise Him Today” begins with the rich resonating tones of a perfectly balanced drum kit playing what sounds like a chilled out Mozambique type beat. A bouncy yet smooth bass line enriches the classic 1960’s pop-jazz ambiance. Then the arrangement takes a surprise turn with the addition of an acoustic guitar performance that would be at home on an energetic pop-folk-rock tune, which is, in effect, what the song turns out to be after all!

The contrasting elements delightfully persist and coexist, getting further fused together by a male vocal in an up-tempo folk rock style which gets echoed by a female accompanying vocal that matches the melody line with that kind of interestingly happy and carefree style reminiscent of the classic up-tempo happy jazz tunes made famous in the the 1960’s.

Next, tastefully mixed electric guitar makes the arrangement sparkle and shine. But wait! Is that vintage style ‘wah-wah’ I hear on the guitar?!!

Then… a deeply toned percussive instrument blends oh so smoothly into the thickening wall of sound. Is that a marimba or perhaps even a vibraphone?

Admittedly, perceptions of music style can be very personal and subjective. But at this point, I can’t help but suspect this band is intentionally tipping the hat musically to one of my favorite video games “Tasty Planet”!

But enough about style and arrangement. Let’s get to the real heart of the matter. The message of the song!

This is a band that clearly takes the Bible to heart when it comes to the topic of joy and praise! In Nehemiah 8:10, the prophet of the Lord said that the Joy of the Lord is our strength. “My hope is for people to truly realize that the joy of the Lord is our strength” shares drummer and composer Derrick Lewis before adding “And… when their praises go up to the throne of God, God’s blessings will come down to them!!”

This music radiates an innocent childlike trust in God’s faithfulness and provision. As a matter of fact, although this song is imminently appropriate for adult audiences, I can easily also imagine a sanctuary of enthusiastic children singing with the kind of joyfully uninhibited shout rarely achieved by adult worshipers. When did we become so self-conscious and inhibited in our praise of the Lord Jesus? Some of us, I’m afraid, lost that simple joy sometime around our 10th birthday and never quite seemed to recapture it.

In Matthew 18:3-4 when Jesus instructed us that we must become like children to enter the kingdom of heaven, he wasn’t requiring us to become carefree or naive like children. Rather he was calling us to remember to be humble and dependent upon our heavenly father just like children are.

Even so, might a manifestation of humility enable us to embrace the idea that our singing doesn’t need to impress expert music critics in order for it to be beneficial and worthwhile? All our singing actually needs to be is sincere.

After all, our goal is not to become an American idol. Our goal is to thankfully express worship and praise to the one true living and almighty God!

Perhaps “For God’s Glory Christian Band” says it more elegantly than me when they sing…

I tell you praises are not just noise.
To the Lord they serve a just cause.
Just offer Him your best songs.
And then come blessings.  They won’t be long!
So shout your song!  Do your dance!
And watch your life become enhanced!

Why don’t you – why don’t you – why don’t you praise…
Praise the Lord today!

I say hey hey hey hey! Did you praise the LORD today?
I say hey hey hey hey! Why not praise Him in your own way?

Clap both hands clap them together.
Dance with joy like you never…
Then wave your hands high in the air!
Show the Lord you truly care!
For all that He’s done for you.,..
To let Him know that your heart is true!

Why don’t you – why don’t you – why don’t you praise…
Praise the Lord today!

I say hey hey hey hey! Did you praise the LORD today?
I say hey hey hey hey! Why not praise Him in your own way?

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