Divine – by Monty Seward (written and produced by Mark Edward Hood)

Monty Seward creates a jazzy and soulful vibe throughout his inspired Bible Song titled “Divine“.

Nice piano and harmonica set an inviting introductory tone.  Add a clean and soulful vocal capable of soaring in celebration and sonic comparisons to Stevie Wonder inevitably spring to my mind!  The piano chops may actually trace back more accurately to the influence of the late great Nat King Cole.  (And who doesn’t like a little Nat King Cole this time of year!!!)

It is the message that shines most brightly of all.  “Come and humbly show our God the worth of His great deeds. He traded Heaven’s mighty throng for skin that breaks and bleeds.”

The baby we celebrate every year is in fact the God of the universe wrapped in fragile skin. For 33 years he astonished and blessed scores with love and insight. But, His death and resurrection still deliver the greatest gift ever. Salvation.

“Divine” was written and meticulously produced by Mark Edward Hood on Cloudy House music.  The mission of Cloudy House music is to encourage, equip, and inspire intimacy with God through the arts.  As in 2 Chronicles, powerful things happen when God’s people unite for His glory.  Cloudy House music prays that you find yourself singing their songs both in and outside the walls of your church, transforming whatever your environment, into a cloudy house.  Check out their wide variety of inspiring video and audio on their Website