Rahn Anthoni – Highway (Country Soul)

Rahn Anthoni’s song “Highway” begins with a smooth and gentle acoustic guitar riff backed by a touch of tasteful bass guitar to provide some subtle ‘low end’.  Just in case anyone happens to miss the hint of steel guitar suggesting the “country” genre to our ears, Rahn Anthoni’s Cowboy hat and red Chevy Blazer draw the connection in living color for us during the opening scene of his YouTube video.  Gentle strings & piano join the arrangement, filling out the soundscape full enough to distract us from the fact that drums have not even entered the picture yet!  This sets the stage for the strings and piano to temporarily drop out long enough to direct our attention toward the arrival of a gently driving drumbeat and the pop country vocal stylings of Rahn Anthoni during the song’s first verse.


At first, on the surface, this song may sound like it merely chronicles an innocuous road-trip that gets off-track before the driver finds his way back to the right road to reach his desired destination.  “As I walk to get in my old car in Georgia, there’s a lot of things I passed on 85.  Sometimes I may get lost. When I’m lost I pay the cost and find my way back as I drive.  There’s a highway to the road again.  There’s a highway.”

The backing piano gains prominence as the chorus reinforces the conviction that there is a fast-track to help the driver relaunch his journey to get moving in the right direction again.  “There’s a highway to where it begins / There’s a highway”.  A harmony female background vocal adds a touch of soul to the  tune’s otherwise contemporary and breezy country pop sensibility.

Verse two makes it obvious that Rahn is singing about something more important than cars, roads, and Interstate 85 in Georgia.  This song is actually about the changes and decisions we all face, the directions in which we choose to drive – so to speak – as we travel through the personal journey of life.  People who’ve “been around the block” a few times already may know the terrain better than we do.  They may sincerely and earnestly offer us driving directions.  But God leaves each of us with the responsibility to decide which way we will turn at the many crossroads our lives have to offer.  “As your life goes through so many changes, and the road don’t look good when you’re blind.  They try to help you see but you don’t want to be free, and you drive back to the place to leave.”

The meaning of the chorus resonates more fully the second time around.  It gently reassures us that even if we may have “gotten off track’ and wandered in the wrong direction, as long as we are willing to submit to the Lord and “follow His directions”, there is always a highway to getting back on track, moving in the right direction again, serving God on the pathway that he has mapped out for us to travel.  “There’s a highway to where it begins.  There’s a highway.”

A short spoken word passage drives the point home further. 

“When you come to the crossroads – look!  It’s a direction but only one way that can take you to where you need to be.”  Syncopated piano stylings gain greater prominence on a few final energetic choruses. 

By the time the song closes, we are encouraged by the realization that getting our lives back on track is not an end unto itself.  It is only the beginning of a new adventure of meaningful activity fueled by hope and driven by the very love of God.  Be sure to strap on your seatbelt!  There’s no telling what great things God has in store for us as we move forward!  

“There’s a highway to where it begins!”

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