A collection of gentle, flowing worshipful songs

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Martin Lloyd’s album “Secret Place” is full of gentle, thoughtful and flowing worshipful songs.   Looking for something to facilitate thoughtful moments of respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life?  Check out this collection of original worship songs designed to “draw the listener to a place of greater intimacy with God.”

Martin Lloyd has been writing music and expressing worship through song for over 25 years. Drawing inspiration from scripture, particularly the Psalms, as well as his own personal relationship with God, Martin blends interesting melodies and rich chordal piano parts to achieve a combination of both spontaneous and well-crafted songs. Together with a team of other spirit-led musicians, Martin has been able to capture some of his more recent expressions to God in his first release, Secret Place. It is Martin’s desire that this album will lead the listener on a journey to the secret place of greater intimacy with their Loving Father.

Secret Place – Available Now at CD Baby


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