Mabel Annobil – Cool Breeze

Listening to Mabel Annobil sing “Cool Breeze” is a relaxing and soothing experience.  The song’s production is impeccable.  The musicianship is top-notch.  Her voice glides smoothly from phrase to phrase with a combination of subtlety and confidence.

But hearing her speak about the song is even more special!  When she expresses hope that it might help someone hear God speak His love into them so that they will become increasingly enabled to love those around them more deeply, it is obviously much more than merely a  Christian cliché or truism to her.  It is a deeply held conviction, one born of personal experience and shared freely from her heart.


For although she believed in and was a follower of Jesus, like so many of us, she  struggled as she learned how to more fully live out the victory which belonged to her in Christ.  Doubts, fears and feelings of inadequacy, she says, sometimes unconsciously limited her ability to fully and unconditionally show the love of Christ to those around her.

The first step in her journey of transformation was to strip away some of the masks she had grown accustomed to wearing in order to hide the pain from others and to some extent even from herself.  “I was going through the motions” she sings. “Thought I was making headway but fear was running my life. Darkness wanted to take over. This faith in me was begging don’t cave in. So I had to run into God’s arms and believe.”

For Mabel, part of “running into God’s arms” involved memorizing Isaiah chapter 41 verse 10.  She hid it within her heart, and allowed God to slowly, yet powerfully use it within her over a period of time.  It wasn’t fast and easy. It took time and it taught her patience. “Though I didn’t like the process,” she recounts, “…there was a purpose… You won’t always feel like …things are changing… but when you really believe in His words, and hide them in your heart, you will see transformation, transformation in your character, transformation in your interactions with people, transformation in your thought life – in a number of ways!”

Fear not for I am with you.  Be not dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you. Yes, I will help you. Uphold you with my righteous right hand.  Isaiah 41:10

Like a cool breeze blowing over me, He’s preparing me.
He’s restoring everything the way its supposed to be
My God my King. He sits upon the throne and my heart is torn
He says just come boldly.
LIke a cool breeze….

When we humble ourselves before the Lord and allow HIm to strip away the masks of insecurity, fear and – yes – sometimes even selfishness – we truly can depend upon Him, believing in His Word.

Cool breeze is available online at Spotify and Amazon.


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