Lady Elizabeth Townsend – “I Find No Fault in My King Jesus”!

Today’s Bible song is titled “I Find No Fault in My King Jesus” by Lady Elizabeth Townsend. 

Elizabeth discovered the joy of writing and singing songs of truth in church as a young child.  As she grew, her ability to communicate important messages of hope and deliverance grew as well.  It is hard to imagine how difficult it must have been when, at the age of 40, a diagnosis of Acute Thyroid Disease stole away her singing voice.  Through perseverance and trust in Jesus, God blessed her not only with victory over the illness, but also with a new voice to praise His name.  Her new voice now bears the hallmarks of a fragile maturity, colored with tinges of hoarseness around the edges, but that doesn’t slow her down a bit!  She belts out her confident praise with a jubilant celebration that – if we are but willing to throw our own caution to the wind – can become contagious!  Yes, her newly rediscovered singing voice is now more hoarse, and sometimes strained.  But she has not stopped singing the praises of her Lord and Savior Jesus!  What an uplifting story of victory!!! 

“I Find No Fault in My King Jesus” was the first song Lady Elizabeth wrote after giving her live over fully to the Lord.  It has an important message that applies today more than ever.  These days, “…people are finding fault with everything, from our Government to the President…”, she says as she invites each of us to pause long enough to recognize that there is a better way.  There is a perfect one who has no fault.  One who gave his very life to pay for our faults and sins.  A perfect one who can not only make us right with God, but can also put us back into a positive frame.  There is no fault in Jesus.  None at all.  And so she hopes this simple song will help “bring hope and healing” to people “who are hurting and suffering.

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