Josh Newsome – Pray About Everything (Don’t You Worry)

Josh Newsome’s new song “ Pray About Everything (Don’t You Worry) begins with a spoken word introduction over a gospel and soul tinged music bed of organ, piano, and sung ooh’s.  Although it is spoken with subtlety, listen closely for it actually makes a very important proclamation, one which leads directly into the central theme of the song and relates to everything that will soon follow.

“And I believe no matter what you’re going through
That there’s a purpose and there’s a plan.
You gotta’ find time to seek God out and…”

Affirmations of “yeah” cascade in the background.   The soulful vibe of sung vocals combine with lush keyboard textures and retro trap 808 style drums to create a very effective modern rap backdrop as our recurring ‘chorus’ section gets stated for the very first time.

“Don’t you worry about anything pray about everything
(And don’t you worry about a thing.)
God got it in His hands!

Don’t you worry about anything pray about everything
(And don’t you worry about a thing.)
God got it! God got it!”

After the melodic chorus is sung and stated, we hit a more ‘pure rap’ section in which the words flow fast and free, punctuated by quick rhymes and meaningful hooks.  In this section, Josh speaks words of encouragement for all who are going through times of difficulty. As long as we are humble, God hears our prayers and He won’t desert us.

Sometimes, instead of making a circumstance easier, God may choose to use a difficult situations to transform us. He may develop important character or provide us new point of view which we will be able to use to help someone else out in their time of future need.

Our friendly rapper has a healthy respect for inspired scripture, citing Ephesians in one breath and alluding to the first chapter of James in yet another.  It is, of course, the first chapter of James which advises us to consider the end result of joy that comes to visit Christians after we persevere through times of testing and trouble.  James doesn’t say we should pretend that we enjoy troubles. Far from it!!  Troubles are – by definition – troubling!  That’s why we need to be encouraged to “consider” more than just the immediate troubles and pain whenever we go though them.  When also need to consider “the big picture” in “the long run”. For when we do this, we become enabled to take the joy that will result from our present trials into “consideration”.  It is in this manner that we learn to “consider” our troubles as a source of pure joy, and in so doing, we become enabled to persevere through times of difficulty.

The chorus returns to re-establish the melodic underpinning of this musical adventure while further cementing the central theme.  When we have concerns, we shouldn’t persist in a non-prayerful state of alarmed worry. Instead, we should bring our concerns and cares to the Father’s throne.

After we cast our cares upon the Father’s throne, we are encouraged to put ourselves into action, doing something that we know God wants us to do.   This can be a very beneficial step in overcoming anxiety.  We don’t have to know all the answers in order to do something good, true and right.  And as we put ourselves into action with faith in God, expecting Him to provide additional direction and additional answers as we need them, we often discover our worries fading away.   Often, expressions of thankfulness take its place as we begin to realize that “God’s got it in His hands!”

This catchy, fun and instructive song ends much the way it began, with a spoken word outro that is of the utmost importance.

You’re here for a reason.
Whatever you’re going through is just a season.

This rap style is very effective for this song. It speaks on a personal level to many listeners who, perhaps unfortunately, are not likely to be in a church on a Sunday morning or to be tuned in to a Christian radio station throughout the week. “I can make a ‘easy’ sounding gospel song”, says Josh but that would tend to appeal only to someone “who normally listens to gospel” music. Because this song “is more radical” in style it has the potential to reach “further than other songs. That’s what our Lord and savior was all about reaching people with unconventional methods.”

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