Irene Ubom – “Our Great God”

Today, I have the honor of reviewing a new song from the UK-based artist Irene Ubom. “Our Great God” is an impressive composition, production and performance that worshipfully celebrates a truth from Psalm 147:5: “Great is our Lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit.”

Stylistically speaking, this song is right at home on a playlist filled with selections from highly celebrated and accomplished artists like Casting Crowns, Hillsong worship and Bethel Music. If the artistry of such music speaks to your heart, give “Our Great God” a listen or two. It just might have you shouting from the mountaintop of your soul!

There is a saying that whatever you focus on expands” Ubom confides as she reveals the heart of a true worship leader. “This song encourages us to focus on the greatness of our God, rather than our problems or our issues.”

During the opening verses, we are called to “behold the King of glory.” We are reminded that all power and all might belongs to God. His reign is one of truth and of justice. His mighty arms never ever fail!!

After we behold the magnificent goodness and power of our almighty God, the appropriate and natural response is one of praise and worship. And so it is that this great song of worship calls us to “rise up and give praise forever to the one who rules and reigns in all the earth”.

With the call to worship complete, Ubom proceeds to lead us into a shared expression of corporate worship. “We worship the majesty of our great king. Our great God You reign. And with our hearts a sacrifice of praise. Lord we bring to You.”

Worship of the Lord can increase our faith in His power and presence. That’s what makes our times of worship such opportune times to bring our areas of brokenness and neediness before God’s mighty throne. When we have felt needs in our life, sometimes (not always but sometimes), our affections for the things of this earth can cloud or vision. Sometimes inordinate focus upon the difficulty of our current situation blocks us from seeing things clearly the way God sees them.

But as we sing out in praise of God’s awesome power, the things of this earth can start to fade from view as we begin to catch a glimpse of that which is real and true from God’s perspective. There’s nothing that’s too hard for God to do. No power of hell can stand at His great Name! God’s awesome power will set us free.

God’s freedom comes on His timetable and manifests itself in many ways, some of them quite unexpected. For example, I might be petitioning God asking him earnestly to give me something that I feel like I cannot live without. Sometimes God wants to do something far greater than simply giving me something. Sometimes, God’s plan is to break me free from my chains to things I mistakenly thought I “needed” in this lifetime. There seems to be no limit to the many ways God breaks us free from the chains of incorrect thoughts and beliefs that hold us back. Nothing is too difficult for God. No power of hell can stand at His great name!

“Our Great God” reaches an emotional crescendo of heartfelt worship as we all hail king Jesus. Together we all hail Emmanuel. We all hail the God who saves us. We all hail the lover of our souls.

“When we focus on God, through praise and worship,” shares Ubom, “He dwells in it. He never comes empty handed though – thats the beauty of it. When He comes, He comes with healing in His wings, provision, peace and whatever we need from Him.”

There is a clear “division of labor” in the kingdom of God. We run into problems when we get wrapped up in the parts which are “not our job”.

For example, Jesus tells in Matthew 6:33 that our job is to seek first the kingdom of God. Then God will take care of the job of ensuring we that all the things we need are added unto us.

Romans 8:28 teaches us that our job is to love God and to follow God. Then, as we seek to make our calling and election sure, God’s job is to make everything work together for our good.

The common threat, the “main point is to keep our eyes focused on Him.”

After you’ve heard the YouTube video a few times, you may want to support the artist by purchasing your own copy. Here’s a URL that offers many popular options such as Spotify, Amazon, i-Tunes, and Google Play:

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