Humble inspirational heartfelt ballad (Derrick Green – It’s all for you Lord”)

Derrick Green ministers from his home base of Chicago. IL, USA.

Born in Chicago, Derrick was taught about God from a young age.  Unfortunately, his early life had many unanticipated twists and turns before God helped get him more fully on the right track.  God graciously bailed him out of trouble and allowed him to crawl back to safety time and time again.

In 2002, he committed himself to the LORD.  That’s when things started changing for the better!  God knows what is best for us.  God’s ways are always better than our ways!

Green thankfully vowed to share God’s love through song and through good deeds, seeking to honor the LORD by helping those around him!  And that’s what he seeks to do in this humble ballad titled “It’s all for you Lord“.


2 Replies to “Humble inspirational heartfelt ballad (Derrick Green – It’s all for you Lord”)”

  1. Or posѕiƅly he likeѕ bowling.? Lee continued.
    ?I heard someone say that while you hеar thunder,
    that means tһat God is ƅowling in heavеn. I
    wagеr he is reallly goo at it.

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