For God’s Glory Christian Band – Cherish the Children

Today, I’m very glad to be able to shine the Bible Songs Blog spotlight on a thoughtful song performed by “For God’s Glory Christian Band” titled “Cherish the Children”.  It comes from their 2017 album “Love Worthy of Praise”. 

A brief instrumental introduction quickly establishes a dreamy, serene 60’s folk rock vibe that persists throughout the track.  Jan’s and Miriam’s sweetly gliding accompanying vocals blend seamlessly with Gerry’s strong sandpaper stylings to create a memorable timbre not unlike the sweet saltiness of a premium salted caramel.   

As usual, it is FGGCB’s message that really steals the spotlight.  God calls each generation to cherish our children.  Sadly, too many of our children end up feeling broken, bruised or scarred by the cruelty of the boorish, the inattentiveness of the distracted, the unreasonableness of the driven, or even the hyper-criticism of the insecure. 

Adults are not immune to feeling broken, bruised and scarred.  Indeed, it is often the pain of adults that gets passed along to the children around them.  If we listen to this broken world, it will try to tell us that we are sub-standard for any number of reasons.  Not popular or famous enough…  Not gifted or smart enough… Not athletic enough…   That’s what makes lyrics like this so important.  Songwriter Rosario Lewis calls Cherish the Children “a plea for love and empathy to be extended to those who society consider less than perfect.  And it is a message of comfort to those who believe themselves worthless and unloved.”

This song offers more than hope for those of us who may feel broken bruised or scarred in some way or another.  It also points us toward hope for a better tomorrow for our children!

Often the first step toward gaining the ability to truly cherish the children in our lives is to experientially grow in our own personal understanding of the way Jesus views those who belong to him.  He holds us all in his heart.  And in His grace, through Christ’s sacrifice, we are made perfect.  Coming face to face with that kind of love, if we embrace it and allow it to change us, we will discover ourselves slowly but surely becoming more and more enabled to do more than just reciprocate…  We discover a newfound ability to pass unconditional love on to those around us! 

Learn more about the band and pick up a few of their songs (and albums) at their CD Baby Artist page. 

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  1. The lead singer’s unique voice is enjoyable to listen to. It also has a normal, every-man quality that encourages all of us to sing along without obsessing over how good or bad anyone is performing. His vocal line is supplemented well by the female backing vocalist. It reminds me of another group we reviewed—House On Solid Rock. For God’s Glory Christian Band (Which some like to call FGGCB or God’s Band), at least on this track, is almost like a slightly subdued version of “House On Solid Rock”, as if 30 years down the road House On Solid Rock had recorded an album.
    The feeling of the song is abnormal in that it establishes it’s mood, and does not deviate from it. In a sense, the song feels as if it is a 2 minute long chorus—or a two minute long verse. However, it is this very quality that gives the song it’s unique character. Upon repeat listen, the chorus becomes much more defined as your mind begins to interpret and extrapolate the structure. If the music were changed, it would risk significantly changing the gentle, continuous mood of the song. Which would not necessarily be better, but simply different.
    Another notable quality is the hard cut-in and -out of the song’s beginning and ending, which leads me to suppose the song is a part of a larger, seamless piece that listening to only one track of is almost an injustice.
    We all have our own way of music, and most of all, we all have our own way of worship, while some may be led to sing passionately and loudly because of God’s redeeming and endless grace, others are led to sing peacefully and sincerely from the heart. The manner in which we worship does not matter, it is the level of sincerity which matters. The style in which we worship does not necessarily dictate the level of passion or sincerity we have for the Lord. Our style is determined by many factors, from age to present company, to experience of many kinds and natural physical energy level. All forms of worship, as long as they are holy, are not looked upon for their stylistic elements by God. God is not seeking experts at outward appearance. He is seeking sincere worshipers who sing and play and express themselves with reverence and joy flowing from their hearts.

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