Emotional Relation – Bought for a Price

The band Emotional Relation has always been somewhat eclectic.  Even so, over that last year or so, I’d grown to expect certain things from the typical ER song.  Things like energetic guitars, multi-layered vocals, and hyperkinetic drumming wrapped up in a pop punk package held together by curiously creative song structures.  That said, the ER song we feature today, “Bought for a Price”, has a more deliberate and relaxed pace than usual.


Guitarist/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Stephen Wendt explains.  “The goal was not to… make the best or most energetic song… but rather just …this pretty song singing to God.  Like… those songs that they sing at camps or weekends where… every one sings it and is moved by it…. they sing out to God without caring about the music or the worship leader or whatever…  It’s just real, sincere worship.”

The opening verses repeat the enigmatic line “I was cost for you and I” hypnotically.  The pensive confusion is broken by a clearly understandable chorus of faith and encouragement.

But You love me save me and you heal me
 Keep me close… keep me close.
But you keep me in your arms of true love
Singing all the while something just like this…
‘La la la la la la la la la la la.

In this section, he confides envisioning “being satisfied and happy and safe in God’s arms” adding “I really hope someone else can feel that too…  That’s really what I wanted to do… I hope maybe I can sing that song and give some other people that same feeling. That same peace, that same emotional movement.”

When we pause to really ”think about just how awesome God really is and just how much he loves us and keeps us close”, it should inspire a sincere outpouring of devotion and praise.  It only makes sense, then, that “Bought for a Price” closes out with the following pledge of devotion.

I will sing this song to You alone.
For You have kept me through Your love!

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