Christa Deana – If God Doesn’t Want It

The pristine neo jazz/pop/soul keyboards that introduce us to “If God Doesn’t Want It” by Christa Deana prepare our ears for a very modern audio production.  Carefully produced claps on beats “2” and “4” cleverly begins the construction of a very strong underlying rhythm section.  Christa sets a conversational, friendly tone on what might be described as a smooth rap intro in which she shares the main theme of the song while also drawing the listener in. “If God doesn’t want it, then I don’t want it.  I guess it just ain’t for me.  Listen!

An electronic bass drum approximates the sound of a heart-beat as the first verse begins.  It’s creative stutter-stepping groove is a very nice touch!

Christa effortlessly glides from vocal phrase to phrase smoothly in a manner which, on one hand, is reminiscent of classic jazz pop vocalists like Anita Baker, Whitney Houston and Sade yet without sounding “retro” at all.  Indeed, “If God Doesn’t Want It” presents us with a modern hip-hop sensibility not unlike that of sophisticated cutting edge artists like Tinashe.  Most importantly, she manages to attain this stylistic achievement while also maintaining a distinctively pure Christian focus.

Polished execution of strong creative ideas make this song a delight to listen to again and again.  For example, on the chorus, a subtle male vocal matches the melody line an octave lower than the lead voice.

The male rap change-up section toward the end adds just the right touch of energy and power needed to elevate this catchy and well-crafted smooth hip hop tune into mega-hit territory.

By the time the spotlight returns to Christa to allow a few sublime moments of skillfully improvised vocal lines over a final chorus section, it is the icing on the cake, the logical wrap-up to a wonderful piece of music, one which leaves the listener wanting to come back again for yet another listen.

Lyrically, verse one explains the condition of a frustrated follower of Jesus who thinks they know what is best for their own life.  She prays and prays asking God for the things she thinks is best for herself, always wondering why she doesn’t seem to see or feel God working in the powerful ways she desires.

  • I used to think I knew what was best for me. Praying and asking on my bended knee.  Then I learned to pray and trust in Your word.  As I lift my voice this is what I heard…

Then something life-changing happens in her life.  As she begins praying and trusting in the Word of God, her attention gets drawn away from an inward focus.  As she begins to listen to God, a realization dawns upon her.  God always wants what is best for her.  And what may seem “good” on the surface is not always what is truly best.

  • If God doesn’t want it, then I don’t want it. I refuse to complain about what He hasn’t given me.  If its not from my Father, then it’s from the enemy.  God always does what’s best for me Put it in His hands. Leave it be.

As a result, she resolves to seek out a desire for the things the Lord wants for her.  For when we seek the Lord first, Jesus tells us we can rest assured all the rest of the things we need “will be added unto us”.

  • I heard it clearly the night I lift my voice. I’m committed.  You’ll always be my choice.  I only want the things You want for me. I’ll seek you first the rest is history.

Even though we may believe in Jesus, whenever we are still wrapped up in an inward focus, the pathway described in this song seems counter-intuitive.  The inward focus will never  understand how raising our hands in surrender to the Lord can possibly make us feel so much better.  But Christa Deana clearly does.  Like a gentle and supportive friend, she’s sharing the vision, encouraging us to understand that focusing on what God wants for us leads each of us to a much better, more fulfilled, joyful place.

  • Eyes haven’t seen – ears haven’t heard all You have planned for me. So I raise my hands in surrender.  I feel so much better. I trust You and I choose to let it go.

God has more than enough joy and peace to fill to overflowing all who are brave enough to follow Christa as she follows Christ.  May we all sing this chorus daily!

  • If God doesn’t want it, then I don’t want it. I refuse to complain about what He hasn’t given me.  If its not from my Father, then it’s from the enemy.  God always does what’s best for me Put it in His hands. Leave it be.

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