Lady Elizabeth Townsend – “I Find No Fault in My King Jesus”!

Today’s Bible song is titled “I Find No Fault in My King Jesus” by Lady Elizabeth Townsend. 

Elizabeth discovered the joy of writing and singing songs of truth in church as a young child.  As she grew, her ability to communicate important messages of hope and deliverance grew as well.  It is hard to imagine how difficult it must have been when, at the age of 40, a diagnosis of Acute Thyroid Disease stole away her singing voice.  Through perseverance and trust in Jesus, God blessed her not only with victory over the illness, but also with a new voice to praise His name.  Her new voice now bears the hallmarks of a fragile maturity, colored with tinges of hoarseness around the edges, but that doesn’t slow her down a bit!  She belts out her confident praise with a jubilant celebration that – if we are but willing to throw our own caution to the wind – can become contagious!  Yes, her newly rediscovered singing voice is now more hoarse, and sometimes strained.  But she has not stopped singing the praises of her Lord and Savior Jesus!  What an uplifting story of victory!!! 

“I Find No Fault in My King Jesus” was the first song Lady Elizabeth wrote after giving her live over fully to the Lord.  It has an important message that applies today more than ever.  These days, “…people are finding fault with everything, from our Government to the President…”, she says as she invites each of us to pause long enough to recognize that there is a better way.  There is a perfect one who has no fault.  One who gave his very life to pay for our faults and sins.  A perfect one who can not only make us right with God, but can also put us back into a positive frame.  There is no fault in Jesus.  None at all.  And so she hopes this simple song will help “bring hope and healing” to people “who are hurting and suffering.

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Josh Newsome – Pray About Everything (Don’t You Worry)

Josh Newsome’s new song “ Pray About Everything (Don’t You Worry) begins with a spoken word introduction over a gospel and soul tinged music bed of organ, piano, and sung ooh’s.  Although it is spoken with subtlety, listen closely for it actually makes a very important proclamation, one which leads directly into the central theme of the song and relates to everything that will soon follow.

“And I believe no matter what you’re going through
That there’s a purpose and there’s a plan.
You gotta’ find time to seek God out and…”

Affirmations of “yeah” cascade in the background.   The soulful vibe of sung vocals combine with lush keyboard textures and retro trap 808 style drums to create a very effective modern rap backdrop as our recurring ‘chorus’ section gets stated for the very first time.

“Don’t you worry about anything pray about everything
(And don’t you worry about a thing.)
God got it in His hands!

Don’t you worry about anything pray about everything
(And don’t you worry about a thing.)
God got it! God got it!”

After the melodic chorus is sung and stated, we hit a more ‘pure rap’ section in which the words flow fast and free, punctuated by quick rhymes and meaningful hooks.  In this section, Josh speaks words of encouragement for all who are going through times of difficulty. As long as we are humble, God hears our prayers and He won’t desert us.

Sometimes, instead of making a circumstance easier, God may choose to use a difficult situations to transform us. He may develop important character or provide us new point of view which we will be able to use to help someone else out in their time of future need.

Our friendly rapper has a healthy respect for inspired scripture, citing Ephesians in one breath and alluding to the first chapter of James in yet another.  It is, of course, the first chapter of James which advises us to consider the end result of joy that comes to visit Christians after we persevere through times of testing and trouble.  James doesn’t say we should pretend that we enjoy troubles. Far from it!!  Troubles are – by definition – troubling!  That’s why we need to be encouraged to “consider” more than just the immediate troubles and pain whenever we go though them.  When also need to consider “the big picture” in “the long run”. For when we do this, we become enabled to take the joy that will result from our present trials into “consideration”.  It is in this manner that we learn to “consider” our troubles as a source of pure joy, and in so doing, we become enabled to persevere through times of difficulty.

The chorus returns to re-establish the melodic underpinning of this musical adventure while further cementing the central theme.  When we have concerns, we shouldn’t persist in a non-prayerful state of alarmed worry. Instead, we should bring our concerns and cares to the Father’s throne.

After we cast our cares upon the Father’s throne, we are encouraged to put ourselves into action, doing something that we know God wants us to do.   This can be a very beneficial step in overcoming anxiety.  We don’t have to know all the answers in order to do something good, true and right.  And as we put ourselves into action with faith in God, expecting Him to provide additional direction and additional answers as we need them, we often discover our worries fading away.   Often, expressions of thankfulness take its place as we begin to realize that “God’s got it in His hands!”

This catchy, fun and instructive song ends much the way it began, with a spoken word outro that is of the utmost importance.

You’re here for a reason.
Whatever you’re going through is just a season.

This rap style is very effective for this song. It speaks on a personal level to many listeners who, perhaps unfortunately, are not likely to be in a church on a Sunday morning or to be tuned in to a Christian radio station throughout the week. “I can make a ‘easy’ sounding gospel song”, says Josh but that would tend to appeal only to someone “who normally listens to gospel” music. Because this song “is more radical” in style it has the potential to reach “further than other songs. That’s what our Lord and savior was all about reaching people with unconventional methods.”

Artwork, Lyrics and other info can be found here:


For God’s Glory Christian Band – Cherish the Children

Today, I’m very glad to be able to shine the Bible Songs Blog spotlight on a thoughtful song performed by “For God’s Glory Christian Band” titled “Cherish the Children”.  It comes from their 2017 album “Love Worthy of Praise”. 

A brief instrumental introduction quickly establishes a dreamy, serene 60’s folk rock vibe that persists throughout the track.  Jan’s and Miriam’s sweetly gliding accompanying vocals blend seamlessly with Gerry’s strong sandpaper stylings to create a memorable timbre not unlike the sweet saltiness of a premium salted caramel.   

As usual, it is FGGCB’s message that really steals the spotlight.  God calls each generation to cherish our children.  Sadly, too many of our children end up feeling broken, bruised or scarred by the cruelty of the boorish, the inattentiveness of the distracted, the unreasonableness of the driven, or even the hyper-criticism of the insecure. 

Adults are not immune to feeling broken, bruised and scarred.  Indeed, it is often the pain of adults that gets passed along to the children around them.  If we listen to this broken world, it will try to tell us that we are sub-standard for any number of reasons.  Not popular or famous enough…  Not gifted or smart enough… Not athletic enough…   That’s what makes lyrics like this so important.  Songwriter Rosario Lewis calls Cherish the Children “a plea for love and empathy to be extended to those who society consider less than perfect.  And it is a message of comfort to those who believe themselves worthless and unloved.”

This song offers more than hope for those of us who may feel broken bruised or scarred in some way or another.  It also points us toward hope for a better tomorrow for our children!

Often the first step toward gaining the ability to truly cherish the children in our lives is to experientially grow in our own personal understanding of the way Jesus views those who belong to him.  He holds us all in his heart.  And in His grace, through Christ’s sacrifice, we are made perfect.  Coming face to face with that kind of love, if we embrace it and allow it to change us, we will discover ourselves slowly but surely becoming more and more enabled to do more than just reciprocate…  We discover a newfound ability to pass unconditional love on to those around us! 

Learn more about the band and pick up a few of their songs (and albums) at their CD Baby Artist page. 

Irene Ubom – “Our Great God”

Today, I have the honor of reviewing a new song from the UK-based artist Irene Ubom. “Our Great God” is an impressive composition, production and performance that worshipfully celebrates a truth from Psalm 147:5: “Great is our Lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit.”

Stylistically speaking, this song is right at home on a playlist filled with selections from highly celebrated and accomplished artists like Casting Crowns, Hillsong worship and Bethel Music. If the artistry of such music speaks to your heart, give “Our Great God” a listen or two. It just might have you shouting from the mountaintop of your soul!

There is a saying that whatever you focus on expands” Ubom confides as she reveals the heart of a true worship leader. “This song encourages us to focus on the greatness of our God, rather than our problems or our issues.”

During the opening verses, we are called to “behold the King of glory.” We are reminded that all power and all might belongs to God. His reign is one of truth and of justice. His mighty arms never ever fail!!

After we behold the magnificent goodness and power of our almighty God, the appropriate and natural response is one of praise and worship. And so it is that this great song of worship calls us to “rise up and give praise forever to the one who rules and reigns in all the earth”.

With the call to worship complete, Ubom proceeds to lead us into a shared expression of corporate worship. “We worship the majesty of our great king. Our great God You reign. And with our hearts a sacrifice of praise. Lord we bring to You.”

Worship of the Lord can increase our faith in His power and presence. That’s what makes our times of worship such opportune times to bring our areas of brokenness and neediness before God’s mighty throne. When we have felt needs in our life, sometimes (not always but sometimes), our affections for the things of this earth can cloud or vision. Sometimes inordinate focus upon the difficulty of our current situation blocks us from seeing things clearly the way God sees them.

But as we sing out in praise of God’s awesome power, the things of this earth can start to fade from view as we begin to catch a glimpse of that which is real and true from God’s perspective. There’s nothing that’s too hard for God to do. No power of hell can stand at His great Name! God’s awesome power will set us free.

God’s freedom comes on His timetable and manifests itself in many ways, some of them quite unexpected. For example, I might be petitioning God asking him earnestly to give me something that I feel like I cannot live without. Sometimes God wants to do something far greater than simply giving me something. Sometimes, God’s plan is to break me free from my chains to things I mistakenly thought I “needed” in this lifetime. There seems to be no limit to the many ways God breaks us free from the chains of incorrect thoughts and beliefs that hold us back. Nothing is too difficult for God. No power of hell can stand at His great name!

“Our Great God” reaches an emotional crescendo of heartfelt worship as we all hail king Jesus. Together we all hail Emmanuel. We all hail the God who saves us. We all hail the lover of our souls.

“When we focus on God, through praise and worship,” shares Ubom, “He dwells in it. He never comes empty handed though – thats the beauty of it. When He comes, He comes with healing in His wings, provision, peace and whatever we need from Him.”

There is a clear “division of labor” in the kingdom of God. We run into problems when we get wrapped up in the parts which are “not our job”.

For example, Jesus tells in Matthew 6:33 that our job is to seek first the kingdom of God. Then God will take care of the job of ensuring we that all the things we need are added unto us.

Romans 8:28 teaches us that our job is to love God and to follow God. Then, as we seek to make our calling and election sure, God’s job is to make everything work together for our good.

The common threat, the “main point is to keep our eyes focused on Him.”

After you’ve heard the YouTube video a few times, you may want to support the artist by purchasing your own copy. Here’s a URL that offers many popular options such as Spotify, Amazon, i-Tunes, and Google Play:

Fiery Bush – Come Wash Me (new indie Christian worship band)

Fiery Bush is a new independent Christian worship band from Calgary that is working toward an upcoming release of a debut five-song EP of original compositions. While we anticipation of the full release, I’m reviewing their encouraging heartfelt song “Come Wash Me”.

The song opens with strummed acoustic guitar. A clean electric guitar subtly and tastefully joins in the background as the lead vocal commands our attention during the first verse.

You are a God of love
You are a God of mercy
You are a God of forgiveness
You are true and holy

Drums and bass guitar join to add structural energy to the song’s 6/8 cadence during the first bridge…

Come inside and clean me
Take my sin and wash me
Fill me up with Your joy
So I can be dancing

A very subtle string/keyboard sound enhances the atmosphere as layers of vocal harmony blend together beautifully during a short chorus.  The addition of a female vocalist introduces a gentle lush quality to the song in this section.

Come wash me – Come wash me

During the next verse, sparkling tones from an acoustic piano occasionally dance to the forefront of the arrangement but never distractingly.  I’m impressed by the manner in which every instrumental performance here seems carefully disciplined toward the goal of serving the greater whole.  This sounds like a band that has grown accustomed to listening to one another as they perform together – a band that collectively values a shared  message that is much more important than any one individual’s musical contribution. 

I want to be more like You
I want to praise You always
Come take my guilt and shame
Then I can give glory to Your Name

Come inside and clean me
Take my sin and wash me
Fill me up with Your joy
So I can be dancing
Come wash me – Come wash me

Toward the end of the song, there is an instrumental break during which a keyboard string lead is so elegantly mixed into the full wall of sound that listeners are quite likely to look inward, reflecting upon the message before the vocal powerfully returns.

Come inside and clean me
Take my sin and wash me
Fill me up with Your joy
So I can be dancing

Come wash me

When God called Moses to speak to Pharaoh in Egypt, he appeared to him in the form of a burning bush. Burning Bush hopes their music helps you hear and understand important messages of truth from the Lord. Thus the inspiration for their name: Burning Bush!

Keep your eyes and ears open for their debut EP coming soon!

Gina Michaells – Jesus Heard

Gina Michaells’ heartfelt inspirational “Jesus heard” has been newly remastered and published as a music video at her FaceBook page.

Gina Michaells, Jesus heard, music video (Remastered 2018)

This is a single I released a few years ago. But even today, the message still makes me think, that in life, you are never alone, and there will always be light at the end of even the darkest tunnel. Hope you will enjoy this 2018 remaster.

Posted by Gina Michaells on Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The song sets a thoughtful tone with a short introduction featuring gentle piano, acoustic guitar, light strings and a tastefully walking bassline. Gina’s lead vocal is right at home here in a context that stylistically reminds me of classic 1970’s crossover country pop from the likes of Olivia Newton John. The arrangement cleverly and subtly stacks layers of intensity so deliberately that most listeners will notice nothing more than a feeling of enhanced emotion as the message unfolds.

It is, however, the sterling vocal performance of Gina Michaells that captivates our attention throughout.  Her voice gently sways and flows from line to line as genuinely as the call of a songbird.  Then, just as a songbird instantly flits from  it’s perch into flight before landing again, her vocals reach powerfully skyward so effortlessly that we’ve hardly had a chance to  catch our breath before she’s calmly and casually settled into a new line.  This is the work of an accomplished vocalist who knows when and how to make an impact through the art of well paced understatement.   And although she excels at a multitude of styles, while I’m caught up in the experience of listening to “Jesus knows”, I can’t help but feel as though she is perfectly and uniquely suited to sings songs exactly like this one!

The music video reinforces the pensive, sorrowful, yet hopeful theme with images of loneliness and destitution juxtaposed against a sequence of motion through a dark tunnel as we march progressively closer and closer to emerging into a light at the other end, the clear representation of the promise of a brighter tomorrow.  Not only do these pictures speak loudly;  they say the exact same thing that the song does, which is the hallmark of a truly effective music video.

Gina cites the 143rd Psalm in which King David poured out his heart in song saying “Lord, hear my prayer, listen to my cry for mercy; in your faithfulness and righteousness come to my relief” adding that she wants “everybody to know, that they are never alone.

For those of us who have made Jesus our Lord, he’s so incredibly close to us that he understands our thoughts before they even leave our head, caring so deeply for us that he holds our hearts even though we may be struggling trying to hold things in.

And if you haven’t yet made Jesus your Lord, if you are still laboring, still trying to walk alone, if you listen closely, perhaps somewhere among the calm and  beautiful tones of testimony from a talented believer’s declaration of grace and freedom, might you even hear a whisper of Jesus calling. “Come to me, all you who are tired and are carrying heavy loads. I will give you rest.  Become my servants and learn from me. (Matt 11:28 NIRV).

For each of us who do, there’s the promise of a new beginning to be found and solace in knowing that we will never have to walk alone.

Gina Michaells – Jesus Heard
Jesus heard every word I never said.
He understood my thoughts before they ever left my head.
He held my heart when I kept it all within.
Jesus heard every word I never said.

He knew my mind when I almost lost it all
He gave me comfort when I wanted to let go
He picked up the pieces and once again made me whole
Just goes to show. God only knows!

Jesus heard every word I never said.
He understood my thoughts before they ever left my head.
He held my heart when I kept it all within.
Jesus heard every word I never said.

Are you tired of having labored and walking alone?
It’s time to claim the Lord for your own.
Just release the anguish that keeps you down.
There’s a new beginning to be found.

Jesus heard every word I never said.
He understood my thoughts before they ever left my head.
He held my heart when I kept it all within.
Jesus heard every word I never said.

For God’s Glory Christian Band reminds us that The Joy of the Lord is our Strength!

Band: For God’s Glory Christian Band
Song: “Praise Him Today”
From the Album: Love Worthy of Praise

For God’s Glory Christian Band’s song “Praise Him Today” begins with the rich resonating tones of a perfectly balanced drum kit playing what sounds like a chilled out Mozambique type beat. A bouncy yet smooth bass line enriches the classic 1960’s pop-jazz ambiance. Then the arrangement takes a surprise turn with the addition of an acoustic guitar performance that would be at home on an energetic pop-folk-rock tune, which is, in effect, what the song turns out to be after all!

The contrasting elements delightfully persist and coexist, getting further fused together by a male vocal in an up-tempo folk rock style which gets echoed by a female accompanying vocal that matches the melody line with that kind of interestingly happy and carefree style reminiscent of the classic up-tempo happy jazz tunes made famous in the the 1960’s.

Next, tastefully mixed electric guitar makes the arrangement sparkle and shine. But wait! Is that vintage style ‘wah-wah’ I hear on the guitar?!!

Then… a deeply toned percussive instrument blends oh so smoothly into the thickening wall of sound. Is that a marimba or perhaps even a vibraphone?

Admittedly, perceptions of music style can be very personal and subjective. But at this point, I can’t help but suspect this band is intentionally tipping the hat musically to one of my favorite video games “Tasty Planet”!

But enough about style and arrangement. Let’s get to the real heart of the matter. The message of the song!

This is a band that clearly takes the Bible to heart when it comes to the topic of joy and praise! In Nehemiah 8:10, the prophet of the Lord said that the Joy of the Lord is our strength. “My hope is for people to truly realize that the joy of the Lord is our strength” shares drummer and composer Derrick Lewis before adding “And… when their praises go up to the throne of God, God’s blessings will come down to them!!”

This music radiates an innocent childlike trust in God’s faithfulness and provision. As a matter of fact, although this song is imminently appropriate for adult audiences, I can easily also imagine a sanctuary of enthusiastic children singing with the kind of joyfully uninhibited shout rarely achieved by adult worshipers. When did we become so self-conscious and inhibited in our praise of the Lord Jesus? Some of us, I’m afraid, lost that simple joy sometime around our 10th birthday and never quite seemed to recapture it.

In Matthew 18:3-4 when Jesus instructed us that we must become like children to enter the kingdom of heaven, he wasn’t requiring us to become carefree or naive like children. Rather he was calling us to remember to be humble and dependent upon our heavenly father just like children are.

Even so, might a manifestation of humility enable us to embrace the idea that our singing doesn’t need to impress expert music critics in order for it to be beneficial and worthwhile? All our singing actually needs to be is sincere.

After all, our goal is not to become an American idol. Our goal is to thankfully express worship and praise to the one true living and almighty God!

Perhaps “For God’s Glory Christian Band” says it more elegantly than me when they sing…

I tell you praises are not just noise.
To the Lord they serve a just cause.
Just offer Him your best songs.
And then come blessings.  They won’t be long!
So shout your song!  Do your dance!
And watch your life become enhanced!

Why don’t you – why don’t you – why don’t you praise…
Praise the Lord today!

I say hey hey hey hey! Did you praise the LORD today?
I say hey hey hey hey! Why not praise Him in your own way?

Clap both hands clap them together.
Dance with joy like you never…
Then wave your hands high in the air!
Show the Lord you truly care!
For all that He’s done for you.,..
To let Him know that your heart is true!

Why don’t you – why don’t you – why don’t you praise…
Praise the Lord today!

I say hey hey hey hey! Did you praise the LORD today?
I say hey hey hey hey! Why not praise Him in your own way?

For God’s Glory Christian Band’s Music is available through many excellent online retailers like CD Baby,  Amazon,  and iTunes.

Web Site:
Facebook Page:
Twitter Page:


Neville Anthony Gordon (aka) Tony Gordon – Time to Pray!

Neville Anthony Gordon’s inspirational anthem “Time to Pray” begins with a heartfelt invitation to each of us who call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ.
We are in crisis. Seems all hope is lost.
It’s time for a spiritual awakening.
It’s time to pray. So let us pray.

A choir backing helps introduce a simple, yet very powerful refrain.

It’s time to pray – so let us pray.
Tell the Father we need Him today.
It’s time to pray – so let us pray.
Pray Lord – we need You today.

Emotionally expressive solo vocals are featured in the first verse.

Verse 1
As a nation we’ve lost our way.
Good over evil seems so far away.
But there’s an answer that comes through prayer .
Divine intervention is what we need today

By this point of the song, the lead vocal soars as I hope many of us feel led to sincerely sing along…

It’s time to pray – so let us pray.
Tell the Father we need Him today.
It’s time to pray – so let us pray.
Pray Lord – we need You today.

We are then led in what my pastor would call “A Big Bold Powerful Prayer”.  As you listen, might you be led to boldly share this prayer with faith?

Prayer 1:

Oh Lord our Father in Heaven.

This nation needs You today. Reach down your righteous hand and block the path to evil and destruction. We pray Lord, use your Holy chains to bind the hands of the murderers the rapists the drug barons and all those who court evil.

Show them that You are God!
Show them that You are the only giver of life!!
Show them that You are all powerful!!!
Let righteousness torch this land!!!!
Let there be good over evil Lord!!!!
Good over evil!!!!!

It’s time to pray – so let us pray.
Tell the Father we need Him today.
It’s time to pray – so let us pray.
Pray Lord – we need You today

Prayer #2

We beseech You Lord – let us all pray.
Father God we come to You on behalf of this nation.
We need You at this time.
We need your Divine Intervention.

The end of the song even leaves room for you and for me to add your own heartfelt words of praise and petition.

What Big Bold Powerful words of faithful prayer will we bring to our Father in heaven toward the end of this song?

Whenever we listen, may we always be reminded that now truly is a great time to pray!

D’Aych & The Next Level Band – The Plug

D’Aych & The Next Level Band are “plugged in” to Jesus.  That’s why they enthusiastic sing and speak words of truth to anyone who has open ears to listen and to hear.

The video to their new single “The Plug” is quite clever.  It features what at first appear – on the surface – to be a possible string of drug deals.  But don’t let that put you off.  D’Aych is actually sharing an important truth here.  Jesus is the only “plug” we need.  Anything and everything else offers nothing more than fleeting and false hope. So please be sure to watch all the way to the surprise  ending of the video!  I won’t share any more details because I want you to enjoy the video in real time as you hear “The Plug” for yourself!

The Plug by D'Aych

D'Aych's hit single The Plug from the album Movement Music Vol. 2 available on Bandcamp now!

Posted by D'Aych & The Next Level Band on Sunday, May 20, 2018

D’Aych has experienced firsthand how seeking provision in anything other than Jesus leads only to dead ends.  That’s why he cites Matthew 6:25-33 as his scriptural reference point for “The Plug”.  True life is more than a matter of food, clothes, cars, and shelter.   Jesus tells us we don’t need to worry about these things.  God knows what we need.  As a matter of fact, if we worry about such things, we may become tempted to take matters into our own hands, chasing after them in ways that are not pleasing to God.

Instead, Jesus teaches us to put God’s kingdom first in our lives.  Then God will supply us with everything that we need.  (Of course, Jesus didn’t promise that our heavenly father will always give us everything we think we want immediately the moment that we desire it.   God knows what we TRULY need and that isn’t always exactly what we think we need.  For example, sometimes we need challenges to help us mature and grow.  Sometimes we need hardships to make us stronger.  Sometimes we even need to learn the joy of giving up something we desired so that we can help meet the needs of someone else.  Through all the ups and downs, joys and pains, wants and fulfillments that make up a Christian life, we can rest sure in a few important things.  1)  God knows what we need.  2) When we put the kingdom of God first, God will give us everything we need.  Ultimately, Jesus is the only true “plug” that can fill the hole in our hearts.  That is what this song is really all about.

Rocky Dania – The Cost

There is something powerful about the repetition of a meaningful lyric within the framework of a catchy and memorable melody that allows a focused message to sink in deeper and deeper until competing distractions fade sufficiently to allow the truth to finally take hold of our emotions. It is a technique often employed in church praise and worship choruses. But it also translates surprisingly well to the context of Rocky Dania’s electro-pop gospel song “The Cost“.

The electronica backdrop is beautifully crafted and excellently produced. The first iteration of the verse, bridge and chorus wisely leave room for the arrangement to bloom and grow. Rocky’s first vocal pass lightly bounces from phrase to phrase while remaining restrained enough to carefully establish the melody firmly in the listener’s mind. (Don’t worry… there will be plenty of opportunities for improvisational flourishes as the song unfolds!)

I am a servant but You are King.
I’m always changing Lord but You remain the same.
I’m empty with nothing but You have everything.
I’m only living in a world You have made.

And here I am – I’m just a sinner.
But you are God and my forgiver.

So here I am to pour my oil on You.
And glorify You Lord for your love for me.
I glorify you Jesus – I am not afraid.
I know you know the cost of my praise.

The lead vocal gets a nice doubling for the second iteration, taking the energy level up a notch. An effortlessly floating counter melody gets introduced to keep things musically interesting.

About two minutes into the song, the volume and energy gets temporarily dialed way back for a section of repeated bridges.

And here I am – I’m just a sinner. But you are God and my forgiver.

With each occurrence of this bridge, energy is added, rebuilt and then pushed to new hieights as we reach a crescendo of celebration.

You are my forgiver!

Famous orator and statesman Winston Churchill was reportedly asked the secret to great public speaking. His reply?

  • First, tell them what you are going to tell them.
  • Second, tell them what you have to tell them.
  • Third, tell them what you just told them.

Rocky Dania proves that, when done effectively, praise lyrics can work exactly the same way!  Or to put it another way, perhaps I should just say that Winston Churchill ‘don’t got nothin’ on’ Rocky Dania!

The Cost features a beautiful voice riffing on a strong melody supported by an excellent arrangement while presenting a very meaningful message. Check it out at